Winter school: Quantum phenomena to computing devices

Paul Palmberg Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Tony Low will lead a winter school titled, "Quantum Phenomena to Computing Devices Winter School" at the University of Minnesota starting on January 3, and ending on January 13, 2023. Open only to undergraduate students in their senior year, this will be a 10 day crash course. Topics covered will include electron discovery and wave particle duality, electron statistics and carrier distribution, quantum mechanics and electron wavefunctions, electron in a crystal, electron spin, coherence and entanglement, quantum capacitance, quantum transport, nanoscale transistor, spintronics and quantum computing. Morning sessions will comprise lectures to be delivered by Professor Tony Low. There will also be lectures led by industry experts Joseph Kinney and Benjamin Pearce of SkyWater Technologies, and Joseph Davies of Quantinuum. Afternoon sessions include experimental labs and computational labs exercises and walk through. The school also includes two industry visits for attendees. Student evaluations will be conducted at the end of the winter school.

Check the poster for schedule and other details

Attendance is by registration only. Registration is now open and the deadline to sign up is December 25, 2022. The winter school is for undergraduate students in their senior year. Please email Professor Tony Low to register for the winter school at

The school is being sponsored by the NSF-funded Global Quantum Leap, the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Korea Science Foundation, and Kyung Hee University.