Just approved! Updated ESCI courses on Earth System Science

ESCI 2001 now fulfills the  Liberal Education requirement as a Physical Sciences Core and Environment Theme. 

ESCI 2101 now fulfills the LE Environment Theme.



Many of the grand challenges facing our society today, ranging from climate change to natural hazards, cannot be fully understood without a better understanding of the Earth as a system. 
In this course, we study Earth as an integrated system including the atmosphere, the ocean, continents, rivers and lakes, plants and animals, and humans. Changes within and among these components shape our planet and environment. This course introduces key concepts and principles of Earth System Science through a collection of recent scientific discoveries and outstanding problems in the field. We touch on a wide range of fascinating topics related to the Earth's deep interior, surface environments, life, and its 4.5 billion-year history. This course provides students with a broad view of the latest research in the Earth and Environmental Sciences, state-of-the-art research techniques, and potential career options. 
Feel free to reach out to instructors for questions (iwada@umn.edu or zhengxy@umn.edu)
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