Max van Wyk de Vries AGU Award

PhD student Max Van Wyk De Vries (advisors: Andy Wickert, Emi Ito) has been recognized by the American Geophysical Union as a top student presenter at the 2020 Fall Meeting. Each year, <5% of presenters at the annual conference are awarded Outstanding Student Presentation Awards (OSPA) in recognition of "quality research in Earth and space science and the ability to effectively communicate it."
Max presented his research analyzing sediment cores recovered from Lago Argentino, the world's largest ice-contact lake. With a newly-developed tool for automatically counting annual sediment layers, the team has been able to reconstruct 4000 years of sediment deposition history in the lake to study how the Southern Patagonian Icefield, one of the largest contributors to global sea level rise, has responded to climate perturbations in the recent past.