Close up of wiring. Ties, solder, terminals, and hardware clearly visible

Charles Babbage Institute: Center for the History of Information Technology

The Charles Babbage Institute: Comput, Information & Culture

Many employees checking or calibrating small components at a Burroughs Detroit plant. Each testing machine appears to be a microscope.
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University of Minnesota Libraries, Charles Babbage Institute

The Charles Babbage Institute (CBI) for Computing, Information and Culture is a research center within the Program in History of Science, Technology and Medicine and an archives associated with UMN Libraries that advances information technology (IT) history by collecting/curating archives and books, and facilitating and conducting research. Our unparalleled collections—from personal papers of top scientists and institutional records of corporations, and professional and trade organizations to materials on social issues—span the globe. CBI’s research—many scholarly books and articles as well as public history—focuses on IT and gender, political economy, business/industry, computer science, AI, security and privacy, regional advantage, users/HCI, and historiography. CBI also has a top oral history program and conducts sponsored projects for NSF, DOE, Sloan, NHPRC, DARPA, ACM, NEH, and others.

The CBI's advisory board consists of Dr. Mark Borrello (HST), Dr. Jennifer Alexander (HST), Dr. Honghong Tinn (HST), Dr. Loren Terveen (Computer Science and Engineering), Dr. Marc Riedel (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Dr. Rachel Schurman (Sociology), and Kris Kiesling (Archives and Special Collections). 

For more, visit the CBI website.