Fall '21 & Spring '22 course offerings are listed below.

See below for a list of HSCI and HMED Graduate courses, instructors, and when they are generally offered

Bolded course are required for all first-year graduate students.

Fall Courses (2021)

HSCI 5211: Biology and Culture in the 19th and 20th Centuries (Borrello)

HSCI 5244: Nature's History: Science, Humans, and the Environment (Jones)

HSCI 5401: Ethics in Science and Technology (Tinn)

HSCI 8950: Science and Technology in Cultural Settings (Alexander)

HMED 8830: Topics in the History of Science, Technology and Medicine - "History of Cycles, Clocks, and Chronobiology" (Shackelford) 

Spring Courses (2022)

HSCI 5242 - Navigating a Darwinian World (Borrello)

HSCI 5421 - Engineering Ethics (Alexander)

HSCI 5611 - Enlightenment, Revolution, and the Rise of Modern Science (Boantza)

HSCI 8920 - History of Biology Seminar (Jones)

HSCI 8125 - Scientific Revolution (Boantza)


Courses Offered Fall and Spring*

HSCI 8993 - Directed Studies

HSCI 8994 - Directed Research

HMED 8632 - Directed Study

*Must receive instructor consent before registering*