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HSCI - Fall 2022

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HSCI 5244 Nature's History: Science, Humans, and the Environment

Description: History of ecology as a scientific discipline, historical applications of ecology, and history of environmental ideas and movements that have called themselves "ecological" in the modern western world. Topics include the ecology of disease, colonial expansion and ecology, ecology and evolutionary theory, conservation versus environmentalism, urban ecology, ecology and politics, and aspects of the late-twentieth century environmental movement. Class Time: 50% Lecture, 50% Discussion. Work Load: 80-100 pages reading per week, 30 pages writing per term, 1 exam. Grade: 30% final exam, 25% assignments, 25% book reviews, 20% class participation. Exam Format: essay. 

Requirements: Exclude fr or soph 5000 level courses

Units: 3.00

Dates: Sep 06, 2022 – Dec 14, 2022

Meeting times: TTh 09:45 AM – 11:00 AM (75 minutes)

Location: Bruininks Hall 412

Instructors: Susan Jones

HSCI 5401: Ethics in Science and Technology

Description: Science and technology are no longer confined to the rarefied worlds of universities, laboratories, or the research and development departments of high-tech companies. Instead, science and technology pervade our everyday lives in both highly visible and less easily seen ways. In the process, the ethical issues associated with science and technology have come to affect nearly every corner of daily existence. From questions of privacy and the internet, to bioengineering and risk, science and technology in the law, and environmental and technological disasters, the ethics of science and technology may very well have become the ethics of everyday life. By studying historical and contemporary ethical issues in science and technology, we will attempt to uncover how the ethics of science and technology have changed over time, to appreciate the diversity of ethical positions regarding science and technology, and to learn how to better support our own ethical positions. We will also explore how science and technology are products of human choices but at the same time, how science and technology enable and constrain the choices we can make.

Requirements: Exclude fr or soph 5000 level courses

Units: 3.00

Dates: Sep 06, 2022 – Dec 14, 2022

Meeting Times: TTh 02:30 PM – 03:45 PM (75 minutes)

Location: Nicholson Hall 125

Instructor: Honghong Tinn

HSCI 8112: Historiography of Science, Technology, and Medicine

Description: TBD

Prereq: Instructor Consent Required

Units:  3.00

Dates: Sep 06, 2022 – Dec 14, 2022

Meeting Times: Wednesdays 03:35 PM – 05:30 PM (115 minutes)

Location: Shepherd Laboratories 592

Instructor: Victor Boantza