February 11: Dominique Tobbell's Medicine and Technology class featured in Continuum

Early 1900s model of a binaural (two-ear-piece) stethoscope, made of rubber, nylon, metal, and bronze from the Wangensteen Historical Library.
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Dr. Dominique Tobbell's course, Technology and Medicine in Modern America, has been featured in the University Libraries outreach publication, Continuum. To read the first part in the three-part series, check out Continuum's webpage

January 21: The Program featured in College Alumni Magazine

Weisman Art Museum foregrounded by city skyline on a rainy day
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The Program was profiled for the Winter 2020 edition of Inventing Tomorrow, the College of Science and Engineering's alumni magazine. To read the feature yourself, visit the Inventing Tomorrow archive or download the PDF

November 1: Solid State: Minnesota's High-Tech History

Solid State: Minnesota's High-Tech History
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Twin Cities Public Television

HSTM and CBI historians collaborate on documentary, "Solid State: Minnesota's High-Tech History": emeritus faculty Tom Misa is featured; CBI historian Jeffrey Yost and HSTM doctoral student Elizabeth Semler worked as lead historian and researcher and production manager, respectively. View the documentary at Twin Cities Public Television's website