Benefits of the CSE web system

As part of the College of Science and Engineering web support system, you have access to the core tools needed to have an effective web presence. Being part of the CSE web support system has numerous benefits for efficiency and quality, including cost savings, policy compliance, and technical and process support.

Cost and Process Benefits

  • No cost to your unit for hosting a content management system, and a baseline provided for web design and functionality, training, resources, search analytics, and process guidance.

  • Departments or units have freedom and flexibility to continue to control their content in a timely and efficient manner. All website content is managed by personnel in the department or unit, allowing for direct content control.

  • Assistance with defining performance goals and metrics with an ongoing focus on the needs of your audience. 

  • Training and support for content contributors— CSE provides a hands-on Canvas training course and Drupal resources on this website.

Security and Technical Benefits

  • Security is essential to building an effective web presence. Managing the security of websites under a single build makes it easier to store and secure information on the web.

  • Web hosting, which includes technical support when issues arise with the website.

  • Regular maintenance to the content management system, while our team continues to ensure that you are provided with the latest version and receiving full functionality within the program.

  • New features and functionality are being developed over time.

  • Compatibility on mobile and other devices is provided— our sites use responsive design, meaning they will adapt to new technology and screen sizes.

Accessibility and Quality Benefits

  • All websites within the CSE web support system exceed all accessibility standards, in order to ensure that every individual, including those with disabilities, may readily access and use our websites.

  • Consistency in user experience across all CSE websites, making it easier for audiences to find information without learning how to navigate each site.

  • Site organization, website strategy, and content advisement to make websites user-friendly and meet audience needs and organizational goals, while offering design that follows professional web standards and that adapts to trends in the industry.

  • Website review before launching that helps ensure quality, which can impact a user’s perception and experience with the website.

Branding and Policy Benefits

  • Assurance of following University policy and standards for the web, including accessibility, brand policy, and security. University policy and standards are available on the the University Relations Brand website.

  • Capitalizing on the value of the University’s brand, helping establish trust with your audience

  • A clearly defined web process that has been developed based on experimentation and best practices.