Build your website

After you've familiarized yourself with Drupal and taken our Canvas training course, it's time to format and edit your website. You can refer back to our Writing for the Web page for tips on writing and organizing online content.

Maintaining your website

After you have moved content from your old website over to your new CSE website, it's up to you to edit and maintain those webpages from here on out. Updating websites can be a lot of work, so it's best to create a maintenance plan for how often you update content. Visit the Managing Your Web Presence page for tips on editing, updating, and organizing your website.

Web editing resources

Although you've already learned how to create advanced pages in Drupal, there are many more widgets available for you to use. Widgets are essential for customizing your webpages and creating more appealing page designs. Visit the Drupal Widgets page for a full list and explanation of how to use each widget. 

The CSE web development team is constantly working to update Drupal with new features and design elements in order to best fit the needs of our unit and department websites. You can check the status of these updates on the Drupal Features Roadmap.