Site Management Page

The site management page is a dashboard that provides quick access to common tasks.

Screenshot of the site management page seen when first logging in to the CSE Website.

Hovering over a link in one of the site management options will provide more information about the action.

Section overview:

  • Content: Options for viewing all content and creating new pieces of each content type.
  • Media: Options for viewing or adding media [images]. Especially useful for department or unit branding.
  • Categories: Options to manage categories for each content type. Different types of content have their own categories.
  • Configuration: Options to configure more administrative aspects of your unit's presence on the site, such as
    • Unit configuration: for contact info, header and footer information, social media links, and administrative options

Accessing the Site Management Page

To view the site management page you must be logged into the CSE website. This is the page that college and department editors see after logging in. To get to the site management page while on a different page:

  1. Click your username on the black bar at the top of the page.
  2. Click View profile from the options on the white bar that appears under the black bar.