Unit Header Tab Overview

This tab is all about displaying the optional parent unit, and defining the header background.

Normally, the parent unit will be "College of Science and Engineering" and the link to it will be "<front>".

The link is a Drupal shorthand for "what you have designated as the first page for the site", which in this case is the front page for the college section.

There will be cases where this should be changed. Usually this will be because your unit is actually a sub-unit.

It is also possible to leave this blank, in case your unit header cannot contain information related to the college for contractual reasons.

We default the unit background to a solid gold color. There are several other choices there, as well as an image background. Be aware that using an image background cannot obscure any of the lettering in the title. It requires pre-approval to use an image.

Unit Configuration Admin page - Unit Header tab
Unit Header tab