Unit Landing Page

A "unit landing page" looks like the following:

Sample unit landing page

Our website allows you to create beautiful landing pages with no knowledge of HTML or programming necessary. For example, the main CSE landing page. You have a choice of multiple building blocks (called widgets) that are highly customizable and can be placed in any order and combination of your choice.

To see a list of available widgets, check out this page.

A landing page differs from an advanced page in that it requires a banner to be placed at the top of the page.

Creating a landing page

In order to create a unit landing page:

  1. Go to https://cse.umn.edu/manage

  2. Under “Content” select “Create unit landing page”

Unit Landing Page Example

To create a Banner Header, use the

add banner header

button on the Unit Landing Page edit form.

The fields allow you to change the components of the banner header.

Banner example
  • The Banner is the background image.

  • The Leadin is the text that will appear under the page title on a background, which color you will also be able to choose. Background color options are Gold, Grey and Red.

    • Gold = Black leadin text and red callout circle. Gold Icons should be used.

    • Grey = White leading text, gold callout circle. Black Icon should be used.

    • Red = White leading text, gold callout. Black Icon should be used.

  • Callout is optional, and allows you to change the icon and the text in the circle, as well as to link it to a page.



To see a list of available widgets, check out this page.