Unit Landing pages


Your unit landing page is the home page for your website and serves as a branching off point to the rest of your website's content. Below is an example of the Anderson Student Innovation Labs unit landing page. 

Screenshot of Anderson Labs home page

 The main difference between unit landing pages and advanced pages is the banner header, made up of a banner image, title text, lead-in text, and optional callout text.

Banner example
  • The Banner is the background image.

  • The Leadin is the text that will appear under the page title on a background, which color you will also be able to choose. Currently, background color options are gold, gray and red

  • The Callout is optional, and allows you to change the icon and the text in the circle, as well as to link it to a page.

Editing your unit landing page

To edit your unit landing page, select the white pencil icon in the upper righthand corner. 

Edit button unit landing page

You'll be brought to an edit window, similar to that of an advanced page.

Similar to an advanced page's edit window, there are General, Department, and Access tabs on the lefthand side of the screen and a Widgets section below. There are no featured image, related content, or more about blocks on unit landing pages.

Above the Widgets section is the Banner Header section, where you can upload a banner image and add text and an optional callout button to the website header. The optimal size for a banner image is 2048x1264.

Screenshot of banner/header in edit window