Unit Responsibilities


While your unit's website will live under the College of Science and Engineering's Drupal umbrella, complete control of your content is still in your hands. It's important to remember that the CSE Communications Office will not be responsible for creating, editing or maintaining the content on your website.  

See below for an outline of responsibilities.

Your Responsibilities

What you are responsible for:

  • Preparing your web content for migration
  • Going through the Drupal Training process
  • Creating, editing and maintaining content on your new website
  • Making sure your website adheres to the University of Minnesota's standards for accessibility
  • Contacting the CSE Web Development team when internal problems arise

Visit the Managing Your Web Presence webpage for guidance on how to keep your website up to date. 

Our Support

What the College is responsible for:

  • Providing a content management platform for your website
  • Assisting in migrating content from old websites to Drupal websites
  • Providing training, tips and resources for building and maintaining your website
  • Offering consultation on web best practices and strategies