Whats new?


  • The Canvas course that contained a list of training videos up till now has been retired. It has been replaced with a new training course. You can register for the new training course at https://training.umn.edu/courses/16061.


  • The Site Management Dashboard has been updated to make it easier to create and manage site content. Additionally, there are several minor changes to other parts of the site.


  • Sub-menu delay times were changed from 200ms to the recommended 800ms. This keeps submenus open longer and makes it easier for people to navigate using hover.


  • People images are now required to be 200x300px. This is for both the directory listing widgets and for the detail or bio pages.


  • New university-wide Search put in place.


  • Created Whats New? page.
  • Updated the admin pages for Advanced pages and Unit Landing pages.
    • This creates vertical tabs for general, department, and access sections, to make them more consist with other content types. It also puts widgets in an accordion so that it can be hidden.