Before you move

A few things need to happen before you can move your content into the CSE website we will have created for you. Reference the Onboarding Process page for a step-by-step breakdown. 

Content audit

A content audit is a complete assessment of the existing content on your website. After you request to onboard and meet with Rob McIntosh, we will crawl your current website and create an inventory of page URLs, PDFs, and links to images and videos. Then, it is up to you to sort this content and assess what information is important and what is not.

Content strategy

After you perform the content audit, you'll need to devise a plan for structuring content on your new site. Check out our content strategy guide page for more information.

Revisit the Unit Responsibilities page for more information on what you are responsible for in this process and the services CSE Communications provides.

Content resources

Visit the Writing for the Web page for tips on writing and organizing content online. 

Remember that your content must meet accessibility standards in order to be accessible and usable by all people. Visit the Accessibility page for more information.