Keller Hall Room Reservations

Keller Hall

The IMA uses Keller Hall (KH) rooms 3-176 and 3-180 for most workshops and activities, depending on IMA needs. University of Minnesota departments are welcome to reserve the rooms for academic use at no charge. Room 3-180 seats 124 and room 3-176 is a small registration/reception room. The ECE Depot has chairs and tables available for rent and delivery.

Reservations may be made up to six months in advance. The IMA reserves the right to cancel your reservations should our needs change.

Please check the Reservation Calendar before submitting a reservation request. To make your reservation, please fill out the Reservation Form.

If technical support is need for your event, please contact located in Keller Hall. Thank you for helping us to keep this room clean and secure. If you have any questions, please call the IMA at 6-0257 or email us at

Policies for Kenneth H. Keller Hall 3-180 and 3-176

Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in an individual and/or a department being denied use of the room in the future.


Maximum capacity of KH 3-180 is 124 people.

Equipment in KH 3-180

Your department will be held responsible for damaged or stolen equipment.

  • Control room: The control room in the rear of 3-180 may be used for 35mm slide projections. For all questions and help with equipment in the control room, please contact UNITE (4-9533). 
  • AMX control panel: AMX control panel has a touch screen. The AMX control panel controls three laptop inputs and video input to three LCD projectors. It also controls three LCD projectors, center mounted screen and audio. Touch the AMX control panel touch screen to turn on/off the LCD projectors.
  • LCD Projectors: The room is equipped with three ceiling mounted LCD projectors. Connectors and AMX control panel are on top of the front desk.
  • Overhead Projectors: The two overhead projectors in the room are available to you. Screens: The room offers three large screens. The AMX control panel controls three mounted screens. The AMX panel controls center screen. To raise and lower the left/right side screen(s) just turn on left/right LCD projector(s).
  • Lights: All light switches are located and labeled on the left side of the front desk.


Pick up a key in 127 Vincent Hall at the front desk up to two business days before your event. Please return the keys after your event or by the next business day.

Food or drink

Food and drink are not allowed in the lecture room. For refreshments, please use the hallway or reserve room 3-176.


Per the Regent's policy, no signs may be taped to the doors, floors or walls of the building or rooms. 


  • Check for paper or trash left on the floor
  • Return all furniture and materials to their original locations
  • Turn off lights and audio/visual equipment
  • Lock all four doors of 3-180 and two doors of 3-176