Crafting Efficient Systems for Cargill

Agricultural business Cargill hired ISyE senior Imad Diomande to evaluate trials at two of its plants and create a market data exchange system.

Cargill hired ISyE senior Imad Diomande over the summer as a supply chain intern within its strategic sourcing team. In his role, Diomande was tasked with several projects: He coordinated and evaluated tests of a new chemical in two Cargill plants, and designed a system to facilitate the exchange of market data between his team members.

“Process design and system thinking are some of the core skills of the ISyE degree,” he says. “It has helped me design a process that would help [Cargill’s] team work more efficiently.”

Diomande, who is also majoring in Agricultural and Food Business Management, plans to continue his education beyond his senior year as one of the ISyE department’s first students to enroll in the Integrated Bachelor’s and Master’s Program. He sees the integrated degree program as a unique way to work a career in data science.

“I hope to expand my horizon in analytics to be able to manipulate data in a way that would allow me to make better decisions,” Diomande says about the integrated degree program. “Being able to handle data and apply it to make decisions in a manufacturing or supply chain setting is critical to creating value.”

"The integrated degree program is an opportunity that is very hard to pass on." —Imad Diomande, senior