ISyE PhD student paper wins HOCM 2022 Best Paper competition

We are proud to announce that a paper written by ISyE PhD students and faculty has won the HOCM 2022 Best Paper Competition.

"A Queueing-Theoretic Framework for Evaluating Transmission Risks in Service Facilities During a Pandemic", written by PhD students Kang Kang, Alexander Wickeham, and faculty member Sherwin Doroudi in collaboration with Mohammad Delasay from Stony Brook University, proposes a new modeling framework for evaluating the risk of disease transmission during a pandemic in confined-space service facilities that are prone to congestion. This study provides a model to describe the likelihood that infectious customers could transmit a disease to other customers that are moving through a confined space, which could allow decision makers to assess public safety risks.

The College of Humanitarian Operations & Crisis Management (HOCM) Best Paper Competition identifies and honors outstanding papers in the HOCM field. The College of HOCM is part of the Production and Operations Management Society (POMS), an organization that promotes the interests of production and operations professionals around the world.

Kang Kang
Kang Kang, ISyE PhD student
Alexander Wickeham
Alexander Wickeham, ISyE PhD student
Sherwin Doroudi
Sherwin Doroudi, ISyE Faculty