Student Earns the Mahendra Bakshi - Sant Ram Arora Memorial Scholarship

We are proud to announce that Sean Maurer has been selected as the 2022 recipient of the Mahendra Bakshi - Sant Ram Arora Memorial Scholarship.

The award provides $2,500 to one student with promising ability and a demonstrated financial need, allowing them to pursue their academic and career goals.

Sean shared his reaction upon hearing he had been chosen as a Mahendra Bakshi - Sant Ram Arora Memorial Scholarship recipient.

Sean Maurer

“It is an extreme honor to have been selected for this scholarship and I am overly delighted to earn the distinction of being an Arora Scholar. I am deeply appreciative of Mrs. Sudha Arora and Mr. Mahendra Bakshi's support in making this scholarship possible for deserving Industrial and Systems Engineering students at the University of Minnesota. I greatly look forward to the rest of my time as a student here at the university and cannot wait for what is yet to come.” -Sean Maurer

The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering provides financial support opportunities for students year-round on its Awards and Scholarships page. Students are encouraged to check this page often to see what new opportunities have been added.