Two Students Earn ISyE Community Scholarships

We are proud to announce that Tina Son and Hanna Holmstrom have been selected as the recipients of the ISyE Community Scholarship.

The award provides $2,000 to students whose actions help create a more diverse and inclusive environment in the ISyE Department, as well as pave the way for broader representation in industrial engineering and, more generally, in STEM-related fields.

Each student shared their reaction upon hearing they had been chosen as an ISyE Community Scholarship recipient.

Tina Son

“Success has always been an important value in my household. My parents were immigrants and made many sacrifices for my future. However, being a first-generation college student meant encountering many new experiences with little guidance. Nevertheless, those challenges brought by my identity have allowed me to see the importance of gathering new perspectives to promote a better understanding of myself, others, and the world. As a result, I learned to focus my value of success on personal growth. I am honored to have been selected for this scholarship and hope that my efforts to be more mindful will help develop a more diverse and inclusive environment.”  -Tina Son

Hanna Holmstrom

“I am excited, appreciative, and beyond humbled to receive recognition as an ISyE Community Scholar. It has been my greatest hope that the contributions I have made both on and off campus throughout my college career have made a difference in creating an environment that fosters inclusivity. The ISyE program has provided an environment of much personal and professional growth for me, and I look forward to another year of continued learning." -Hanna Holmstrom

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