Getting started

This documentation assumes that you have requested and received a unit website on (your website URL will be something like Contact to request a unit website on

Setting Up Your Account

Getting your account setup takes a couple of steps. First, you'll need to login with your UMN internet ID and password, and then the web team will associate you with your department.

  1. The process begins with a ServiceNow request to the communications team for access. This may happen as part of your department's onboarding ticket.

  2. Log in at

    1. Once you've successfully logged in, you will see a page that has your user name and some additional content. You can close the browser tab for now. We'll revisit this page later.

    2. Reply to the ServiceNow ticket to let the web team know you've logged in.

  3. Once the web team has set up your permissions, they will ask you to log back in.

Site Management

This is the Site Management page, providing you with a dashboard for commonly used tasks. Hovering over a task can provide additional details.

A brief overview of each section is below:

  • Content: Options for viewing all content and creating new pieces of each content type

  • Media: Options for viewing or adding media [images]. Especially useful for department or unit branding

  • Categories: Options to manage categories for each content type. Different types of content have their own categories.

  • Configuration: Options to configure more administrative aspects of your unit's presence on the site, such as

    • Menu entries

    • Unit configuration for contact info, header and footer information, social media links, and administrative options

Important note on accessibility

All content on must be accessible and usable by people of all abilities. It is the right thing to do, and it is the law. Please read about and learn the six core skills before creating any content.