How do I edit my unit configuration?

There is a special type of page that belongs to your department or unit. It is called Unit Configuration. Its purpose is to have a single location for editing things like your social media, header, and footer.

When you are first set up for content entry, this page is configured (actually this one and a landing page are the two pages you start off with). It has some basic configuration already set up, but you should be able to change a lot of settings in there.

How to update your unit configuration

  1. Go to
  2. Under "Configuration" select "Unit configuration"
  3. Find your unit in the list and click "Edit"
  4. Update the information as needed and click "Save"

Please be advised, that the university relations policy advises against using department logos, unless they are pre-approved.

What the tabs contain

The General Tab

Unit Configuration Admin page - General Tab
General Tab

The Department/Unit name is the full name, not the shortened version. Unless there is a typo this should probably not be altered from what it is set up as.

The Homepage will always end in "/home". This creates a dedicated space during content entry. Normally the '/home' will go away once the site is live.

Please be advised, that the university relations policy advises against using department logos, unless they are pre-approved.

The Contact Info tab

Unit Configuration Admin page - Contact Info tab
Contact Info tab

Note that contact information is normally empty and you need to create it. This will be done using the button in the upper right hand corner. Then you get all the fields shown in the picture (Unit name, Address, Phone, Email).

Unit Header tab

Unit Configuration Admin page - Unit Header tab
Unit Header tab

This tab is all about displaying the optional parent unit, and defining the header background.

Normally, the parent unit will be "College of Science and Engineering" and the link to it will be "<front>".

The link is a Drupal shorthand for "what you have designated as the first page for the site", which in this case is the front page for the college section.

There will be cases where this should be changed. Usually this will be because your unit is actually a sub-unit.

It is also possible to leave this blank, in case your unit header cannot contain information related to the college for contractual reasons.

We default the unit background to a solid gold color. There are several other choices there, as well as an image background. Be aware that using an image background cannot obscure any of the lettering in the title. It requires pre-approval to use an image.

Footer tab

Unit Configuration Admin page - Footer tab
Footer tab

There are two sections to define in the footer. The first section is the Footer Text. This shows up on the left hand side and is entirely optional.

The second section defines the links that will be displayed in the footer. You can have a lot of links, if you like, and they will be displayed in three columns on the right 2/3 of the footer section of the page.

It is strongly recommended that the URLs be relative links (/<dept>/<page>). If they show up as IDs then they will be harder understand when you come back to it another day.

Social Media tab

Unit Configuration Admin page - Social Media tab
Social Media tab

This is where you can define what social networks your department uses and what links they should refer to.

Department tab 

This just has a drop-down defining what department or unit this unit configuration is associated with. It should not need to be altered.