Application Requirements Checklist

To determine if your application is complete, check off all the materials needed for the School of Mathematics:

Description of Required Application Materials

1. Electronic Application submitted for one of the following:

  • Ph.D. Degree Program,

  • Master's Degree Program

  • Master's Degree with Emphasis in Industrial Applied Mathematics Program

  • Master's Degree with Emphasis in Mathematics Education Program

2. Application Fee

3. Personal Statement of Purpose and Goals is very important for us to assess your sincerity, motivation, and expectations.

  • Note: Other statements are not required, but will be considered if submitted.
  • Remember: If you are applying to one of the M.S. with Emphasis programs, please specify the program in the first line of this statement.

4. Three (3) Letters of Recommendation

  • You should list the three people who will write your letters of recommendation. These letters are a very important part of your application, since they are used to estimate your potential and motivation for graduate work in mathematics. Usually these letters are from mathematicians with whom you've been involved in advanced coursework or research projects.
  • Only letters from those listed by the applicant on the application will be accepted. Letter writers should upload letters in pdf version to the online application system

5. Transcripts from all Universities and Colleges attended.

  • Unofficial transcripts or academic records should be uploaded directly to the online application. Do not mail paper copies of your transcripts, there is no need for official transcripts or academic records for initial review.
  • If you are admitted, you must submit official transcripts or academic records before you enroll at the University of Minnesota.
  • Click here for more information about uploading transcripts.

6. TOEFL Test Scores

7. List of Advanced Mathematics Courses:

  • Besides the required information on The Graduate School's online application for admission, the School of Mathematics requires that you indicate the text for the advanced mathematics courses you have taken beyond the level of advanced calculus, linear algebra, and elementary courses in differential equations, etc. If you have done reading on your own, please indicate this as well. (Do NOT state: "refer to transcripts"). 
  • You should list the advanced mathematics courses you have taken. This means courses beyond the usual lower-division mathematics courses such as calculus, introductory differential equations, and introductory linear algebra. Specifically, for graduate work in mathematics it is important to have solid preparation in abstract algebra and analysis, no matter what your eventual specialty may be. It is expected that you will have had year-long courses in both abstract algebra and rigorous analysis. An application should have exceptional strength in other aspects if these expectations are not met. 
  • It is important that you list the texts used for your advanced courses, and which parts of them you covered. Many courses with the same name are nevertheless radically different from each other. Please do make clear the source and content of your courses. 

Description of Optional Application Materials:

Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Scores. We do not use the GRE scores, neither the general nor the math subject, as part of the evaluation of applications to our graduate programs. Please do not submit them.

Publications and articles uploaded under the Other Information portion on the Graduate Program Supplementary Information section of the online application.