Financial Assistance/Benefits

Our Ph.D. program is fully funded in the sense that no student is admitted without an offer of financial support, usually in the form of a teaching assistantship.  Financial support is renewable up to a maximum of 6 years, assuming satisfactory academic progress and satisfactory performance of assigned duties.

Except for the M.S. with Emphasis in Education, our M.S. programs are unfunded. However, our Duluth campus has a funded M.S. program, which M.S. applicants should consider.

New students are admitted for Fall semesters, since most courses are year-long and commitments of resources occur on a yearly cycle. The deadline for a Fall admission with funding is December 15.

The Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) makes initial offers of Teaching Assistantships, and, subject to Graduate School approval, Fellowships. (Note: Fellowships are awarded only after a university-wide competition, to which the School of Mathematics nominates its top candidates. Fellowship awards are quite rare, and the vast majority of our students are supported through Teaching Assistantships.)

Teaching Assistantships

We offer a six-year TAship, contingent on good progress in the program and competent performance of teaching duties.

The normal workload of Teaching Assistants (TAs) is considered a 50% appointment (20 hours per week). There can be some variations, but the standard formula is that you would lead recitations in two sections, with four contact hours per week. (That is four 50 minute periods in front of a class per week). You would have responsibilities toward grading and toward office hours, as well. The typical TA appointment is a so-called "50% appointment" in which you'd formally be paid for 20 hours per week of teaching, and teaching related responsibilities.

Generally, beginning TAs are offered a Teaching Assistantship at entry level. After passing the Ph.D. preliminary written examinations and related coursework, the TA is usually paid at a higher level. After passing the Ph.D. preliminary oral examination, the TA is paid at the highest level. (In some cases, to make competitive offers, incoming graduate students are offered an above entry level position, in which case there cannot be as many promotions.

The School of Mathematics establishes base salary rates. The stipend range for incoming Teaching Assistants for the 2010-11 academic year will be at least $19.91 hourly, $15,530 yearly. Along with a Teaching Assistantship, a tuition waiver and health insurance benefit is included. First-year graduate assistants (TAs and RAs) in good standing could receive up to $2,000 summer fellowships as funds are available.

A Teaching Fellowship consists of a full Graduate School Fellowship with the option of a half-stipend Teaching Assistantship at entry level, requiring half of the duties of a regular TA.

Required Orientations: If you have been offered and have accepted a Teaching Assistantship, you will be required to report in early August for foreign nationals and late August for domestic students, for our orientation programs.

First year Teaching Assistants who come from non-native English speaking countries are required to attend the CSE: TALK  program which begins early August and continues for 3 weeks.

All first year Teaching Assistants are required to attend the School of Mathematics orientation program which begins late August and will last for one week.

Tuition, Fees, and Benefits

For  information on U of M graduate program tuition and fees, please refer to One Stop Student Services, Costs, tuition & fees website.

All Teaching Assistants, Research Assistants and Fellowship holders with a 50% appointment receive a 100% tuition waiver through the University. (A student with a 25% appointment would receive a 50% tuition waiver.)

Health and Dental Benefits

All Teaching Assistants, Research Assistants and Fellowship holders with a 50% appointment receive health insurance (95% of premiums paid) through the University. (A student with a 25% appointment would receive a 47% health insurance waiver.) Graduate assistants registered during spring semester and receiving the health insurance waiver will receive the same waiver for the summer. Students must pay student service fees.

For more information, please refer to the Office of Student Health Benefits.