Job codes for TA/RA

Ph.D. students who have completed their 24 Ph.D. Thesis Credits are eligible to take MATH 8444 - FTE: Doctoral, which is a 1 credit registration that yields full-time student status. (NOTE: A student cannot begin taking Ph.D. thesis credits until after passing the Preliminary Oral Exam.)

There are many jobcodes we can use when we make appointments, but four of the most important are:


       9511 - the high-fringe jobcode for TAs

       9519 - the low-fringe jobcode for TAs


       9521 - the high-fringe jobcode for RAs

       9529 - the low-fringe jobcode for RAs

If we appoint a student to a high-fringe jobcode, then they will be billed for any credits that they take beyond 14 credits.

If we appoint a student to a low-fringe jobcode, then they will be billed for any credits that they take beyond one credit.

Consequently, if a professor would like to offer a Ph.D. student an RAship, but hopes to use the less expensive low-fringe 9529 jobcode for a particular semester, they should inform the student that any registration beyond one credit will result in a bill.

Presumably, the professor would want to check in advance to see if the student has finished their thesis credits, making them eligible to take MATH 8444 - FTE: Doctoral. The DGS Assistant can check this by reviewing the student's academic record.

Note to Ph.D. students: Once you have completed your Ph.D. Preliminary Oral exam, we request that, each semester, after you have picked which courses you wish to take (including audited courses), you should add thesis credits until you reach the 14 credits your tuition benefit covers.

Exception: Once your total, cumulative number of thesis credits reaches 24, there is no need to go beyond that. Remember that you cannot take any thesis credits until you have passed your Preliminary Oral Exam. If you pass your Preliminary Oral Exam during a semester, before the deadline for adding and dropping courses, we request that you add thesis credits until your total credits for that semester reach 14.

If you have any questions, please email or see the DGS Assistant in 127 Vincent Hall.


127 Vincent Hall
(612) 624-6391