Master's in Mathematics with emphasis in Mathematics Education

The Master's degree in Mathematics with an Emphasis in Mathematics Education is a two-year program. Students in the program will:

  • earn a Master's degree in Mathematics

  • receive licensure from the College of Education to teach high school mathematics in Minnesota

  • gain a solid knowledge of advanced mathematics

  • develop excellent teaching skills

  • learn modern approaches to pedagogy

This preparation certifies students to teach mathematics in Minnesota high schools, and prepares them for community college instruction.

Program participants have the unique opportunity to teach in innovative U of MN undergraduate calculus courses and the Talented Youth Mathematics Program for mathematically promising middle school and high school students. Teaching assistantships are available to qualified applicants while completing this program.


Well-prepared, full-time students need two years and one summer of study to complete the master’s program.

In the first year, students usually complete the required mathematics sequences:

1) an analysis-based sequence,

2) an algebra-based sequence, and

3) one additional mathematics sequence.

  • All courses on the official program must be for a grade (A/N grade basis, not S/N).

  • The GPA minimum for the M.S. course requirements is 3.0.

The courses are chosen from a wide variety of upper division undergraduate and graduate courses. State licensure requires mathematics coursework in probability/statistics and geometry. These can be included in the program if necessary. Candidates also attend a professional seminar discussing modern pedagogy and teaching issues in pre-collegiate and undergraduate mathematics education.

In the summer session following their first year of study, many students begin coursework in the foundations of education and in mathematics education. This coursework continues over the second year of study, including approximately eight weeks of full-day student teaching in mathematics in the spring. At the end of the second year, students usually have sufficient credits in education and mathematics to obtain State licensure.

Oral Exam

Successful completion of a final oral examination is required to be awarded the Masters Degree.

Requirements for Secondary Education Licensure

Program Admission Requirements

This program is open to anyone:

  • with an Bachelor's degree in Mathematics

  • who fulfills the admission requirements for the Mathematics graduate program at the University of Minnesota.


Note: This Mathematics Education program is, first and foremost, a Mathematics Master's program. It requires taking a number of graduate-level mathematics courses. It provides much more than the background needed to be certified to teach. Students who do not meet the admission requirements for this program might wish to consider, instead, a program in the Curriculum and Instruction department.


For further information, contact Associate Professor Jonathan Rogness, Program Advisor, .