Master's in Mathematics: Plan B Requirements


There are no specific required courses.

  • The student must complete at least 30 credits of courses at the graduate level, at least 15 of which are School of Mathematics courses at the 8xxx or 5xxx level.

  • All courses on the official program must be for a grade (A/N grade basis, not S/N).

  • The GPA minimum for the M.S. course requirements is 3.0.

Graduate Degree Plan

Students must complete a Graduate Degree Plan. The Graduate Degree Plan for the Master's degree should be approved by the advisor and DGS, and filed with the Graduate School after 10 credits have been completed and at least one semester before the Final Examination.


Students must find an academic advisor from among the School of Mathematics faculty. The DGS may assist, but the ultimate responsibility lies with the student.


Students may choose to minor in a subject outside of mathematics. 6 credits must be completed in that department, and meet any other requirements for that department. The program must be approved by the DGS in the minor department as well as the advisor and the DGS in the School of Mathematics.

Final Comprehensive Exam

To complete the program, the student must pass a final comprehensive oral examination covering the student's coursework. The examining committee must be approved by the DGS and must include the advisor. If the student chooses an outside minor, a faculty member from the minor department must be on the examining committee.