The Mathematics Project at Minnesota (MPM) awarded MAA Tensor Women in Mathematics Grant

The Mathematics Project at Minnesota (MPM) has been awarded a Tensor Women in Mathematics Grant from the Mathematical Association of America (MAA). The grant provides funding to programs that are "designed to encourage college and university study and persist in mathematics." MPM is a four-day workshop for undergraduates at the University of Minnesota who come from underrepresented groups in mathematics. The workshop aims to increase the participation and success of students majoring in mathematics by building community, providing mentorship, and instilling participants with a sense of mathematical empowerment. MPM is founded and organized by graduate students, and has run successfully for three years. MPM organizers Esther Banaian, Sarah Brauner, Harini Chandramouli and McCleary Philbin, along with faculty advisor Paul Carter, are the Principal Investigators on the grant. To learn more about MPM and the 2020/21 workshop, visit the MPM website.