In-person Ordway lectures return with Wei Zhang visit

April 4, 2022 — From April 4-8, Wei Zhang of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will be visiting the School of Mathematics. 

About Prof. Zhang’s talks

A very common theme in number theory (and many other areas) is the study of various “local-to-global principles,” such as the Hasse-Minkowski theorem for rational points on a quadric. Prof. Zhang’s three talks will be devoted to several such instances in the context of rational points/algebraic cycles on varieties over global fields and their relation to special values of L-functions:

  • Tuesday, April 5: Rational points on intersections of two quadrics
  • Wednesday, April 6: Cycles on products of elliptic curves and a conjecture of Beilinson/Bloch-Kato
  • Friday, April 8: Siegel-Weil formula

Lecture details

Event poster