Headshot Hugo Duminil-Copin with a graphic of the Fields Medal next to a headshot of Alain Aspect with a graphic of the Nobel Prize
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Principal Investigators of the Simons Collaboration on Localization of Waves win Fields Medal and Nobel Prize in 2022

Posted December 6, 2022

Hugo Duminil-Copin, Professor at the Université de Genève and IHÉS, and Alain Aspect, Professor at Institut d'Optique Graduate School, were awarded the Fields Medal and Nobel Prize in Physics.

Photo collage of three candid images of people attending the Field of Dreams Mathematics conference.
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Institute for Mathematics and its Applications hosts 2022 Field of Dreams conference

Posted November 30, 2022

Hosted by the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (IMA), attendees convened for the Field of Dreams conference on November 4th and 5th, 2022. The annual conference for Math Alliance scholars and mentors introduces prospective graduate students to graduate programs in the mathematical sciences at Math Alliance schools as well as professional opportunities in these fields.

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Prof. Jeff Calder and team awarded $1.2M NSF grant for deep learning research

Posted September 11, 2022

The research will tackle fundamental research questions in deep graph learning, with a particular emphasis on applications to 5G/NextG wireless networks and power (micro)grid systems. 

Katherine Dowd
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Katherine Dowd receives Association for Women in Mathematics Service Award

Posted August 16, 2022

Dowd is being recognized for the “extraordinary professionalism, wisdom, and care” she bestowed upon the AWM as host of the 2022 AWM Research Symposium.

Delanna Do

CSE senior finds community, creativity in UMN math program

Posted June 25, 2022

For Delanna Do, the community and collaboration she found in the School of Mathematics was one of the coolest parts of her U of M journey.

Alexis Dasher, Dorian Smith, and Kayla Wright

2020–21 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Awardees named

Posted June 7, 2022

Three School of Mathematics teaching assistants (TAs) have been recognized with Outstanding Teaching Assistant Awards for the 2020–21 academic year.

Mitch Luskin

$5M grant awarded to Mitchell Luskin and worldwide collaborators

Posted May 3, 2022

They'll model phenomena such as superconductivity realized when 2D crystals with a small difference in lattice constant or orientation are overlaid, resulting in a moiré pattern.

Coffman Memorial Union

School of Mathematics, IMA to host AWM Research Symposium

Posted April 29, 2022

From June 16–19, the national symposium will convene in Minneapolis on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus. The hosting venue is determined via a competitive selection process.

Wei Zhang

In-person Ordway lectures return with Wei Zhang visit

Posted April 4, 2022

From April 4-8, Wei Zhang of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will be visiting the School of Mathematics. 

Daoji Huang

NSF postdoctoral research fellowship awarded to Daoji Huang

Posted March 20, 2022

Dr. Huang was awarded $150,000 to pursue a research project titled, "Schubert Calculus, Algebraic Combinatorics, and Combinatorial Algebraic Geometry".