Past Latin Honors Theses

Recent Latin Honors Theses are kept in volumes at the mathematics undergraduate office in 115 Vincent Hall. You are invited to view them if you are contemplating doing an honors thesis. 


Student Thesis Advisor
Atef Ali Total Variation Poisson Learning via the Primal Dual Method J. Calder
Annika Christiansen Geometric Model for the Category of Indecomposable Representations of Quivers of Dynkin Type D V. Reiner
David Floeder Class Balancing in Semi-Supervised Graph-Based Learning J. Calder
Nicholas Hanson The Hopf Conjecture in 4 Dimensions A. Akhmedov
Isaac Martin q-analogues of rational numbers N. Ovenhouse
Daniel Miao Sparse Regression and it's Application to a Spectral Band Selection Problem G. Lerman
Trent Neutgens Stolarsky Principle: Interplay between Discrepancy and Discrete Energy D. Bilyk
Nhung Pham Combinatorics on Bulgarian Solitaire V. Reiner
Cori Roberts A Comparison of Strategies for Predicting the Winner of the Lincoln-Douglas Debate Tournament of Champions A. Odlyzko
Jordan Smelter Three Drug Synergy Models and Their Applications J. Foo
Michael Thomas Application of Convex Classification Methods to Robust Subspace Recovery and the Eight-Point Algorithm G. Lerman
Gabriella Torres Nothaft An analysis of the consequences of algae harvesting in a lake eutrophication model R.McGehee
Alex Zheng Adversarial Weight Matrix Perturbations for Graph Semi-Supervised Poisson Learning J. Calder
Charles Ziemann Exploring and Improving the Pedagogy of Proofs in 'Introduction to Proofs' courses P. Garrett


Student Thesis Advisor
Dingjun Bian "Higher Order Poisson Regularization for Graph-Based Semi-Supervised Learning" J. Calder
Moriah Elkin "The Structure of Young Modules in Characteristic 2" P. Webb
Jackson Hampton "Using Gradient Boosted Decision Trees to Better Evaluate NBA Players - a Basketball EPA Metric M. Weimerskirch
Adam Hodapp "Computer Implementation of Chain Complexes Over Finite Dimensional Algebras" P. Webb
Alan Koval "Harmonic Measure" M. Engelstein
Henry Twiss "Root systems of Kac-Moody Lie algebras attached to moments of Dirichlet L-functions" A. Diaconu
Cameron Vogt "Analytic Composition Expansions About Functional Equation Fixed Points" R. Moeckel
Thomas Winckelman "Fourier Analysis on Groups of Finite Measure" D. Bilyk
Chen Yu "Differentially Private Non-convex Optimization on the Grassmannian" G. Lerman
Nicholas Zaczkowski "Crystallographic groups" P. Webb





Nicholas Backes

"Cohomology of Abelian Varieties with Certain Vector-Valued Coefficients"

K-W. Lan

Bernardo Bianco Prado

"An Overview of Invariant Manifolds and their Applications"

P. Polacik

Noah Carpenter

"The Hadamard Product and a Few Open Problems"

A. Akhmedov

Emily Koithan

"Projecting Combined Anthropogenic and Natural Ecosystem Dynamics to Restore the Planet While Feeding the World"

R. McGehee

Sean Mcnally

“Virtual Complete Intersections in Stanley-Reisner Rings and Smooth Fano Toric Varieties”

C. Berkesch

Jacob Ogden

“A Complexified Model of the Navier-Stokes Equations with FractionalvDissipation”

V. Sverak

Rebecca Rechkin

"Proving the Hook Length Formula"

C. Berkesch

Calvin Roth

"An Overview of Factoring Algorithms"

D. Johnstone