Support Renewal

General Criteria for the Renewal of Financial Support

The renewal of a Teaching Assistantship is contingent upon:

  1. satisfactory performance of teaching duties as judged by the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUGS) and the DGS; and
  2. satisfactory academic performance and progress toward the degree as judged by the Graduate Studies Committee based on course grades and evaluation of the advisor.

Teaching Assistantships for Master's degree candidates will usually be awarded for two years. For Ph.D. candidates, renewal of the Teaching Assistantship for later years will be subject to meeting the following goals:

Third year: Completing the Written Examinations requirements by the end of the second year, in addition to the general requirements as above.

Fourth year: Substantial progress toward completing the Preliminary Oral Examination requirement, in addition to continued satisfactory academic and teaching performance.

Fifth year: Passing the Preliminary Oral Examination by the end of the fourth year.

Sixth year: Very substantial progress toward the Thesis, as affirmed by the advisor in writing.

Renewal beyond the sixth year is generally not available.

The renewal, as well as initial award, of a Research Assistantship, is at the discretion of the advisor, in consultation with the DGS. In addition to excellent progress towards the degree, funding availability is a key factor.

For students whose native language is not English:

Serious consideration for a Teaching Assistantship requires demonstrating a command of English (by means of the TOEFL test and other information made available to us). After being accepted as a TA, a student must pass the SPEAK Test during the Orientation Week. Those who do not pass the SPEAK Test must attend additional classroom hours during the Fall Quarter, and will not be allowed to teach in the classroom until a passing score is received. Any such student is expected to pass the SPEAK Test within the first year, to be considered for renewal of the Teaching Assistantship for a second year.