Christopher Prouty

Chris is the MFM/FQF instructor for some of the financial modeling courses in the MFM as well as the "Current Events in Finance" course. He is the Trading Technology Lead for Cargill Risk Management .  He began his financial career as a research assistant at the Federal Reserve Bank in Minneapolis. Since graduating from the University of Minnesota with a B.S. in Applied Economics, Chris has worked in commodities and insurance, in roles focusing on trading and risk management through derivative strategies. Prior to taking the lead for Cargill on Trading Technology, Chris was an Exotics Trader in Cargill Risk Management for over 11 years.  During college and shortly thereafter Chris operated a small software consulting firm, CP Consulting. He has completed freelance software development projects for Twin Cities firms, including the University of Minnesota Foundation and ACR ATI, a firm which offers employee testing services to the healthcare industry. Chris has an MFM degree from the University of Minnesota School of Mathematics.