MFM Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

General Admission Guidelines
Our admission process is competitive and decisions are made based on a thorough analysis of each application. We consider only applications that meet the minimum requirements specified below.

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Minimum Requirements:

A Bachelor's degree from an accredited U.S. university or foreign equivalent.

GPA: We follow the Graduate School's requirements for the minimum GPA, currently set at 3.0.

Mathematical background: All applicants should have completed college level courses in single variable and multi-variable calculus and linear algebra. Background in Probability and familiarity with programming language are highly recommended.

GREEither a GRE General or a GRE Math Subject test score (no more then two years old) is required. We do not set a minimal score for the GRE test but we definitely use it as well as other factors when making an admissions decision. NOTE: We do NOT require or consider GMAT scores.

English Proficiency-TOEFL: We follow the Graduate School's requirements for English language proficiency standards for international students. See the Graduate School's TOEFL page for exact details and latest updates.