Prospective Actuarial Students

Working with advisors at the UMN helps to ensure you take the courses that work with your schedule and your major.  You will be working with your college advisor throughout your four years at the university and once you declare your actuarial specialization you will also meet with actuarial advisors.  

Actuarial Mathematics in Practice

Getting Started

Before Declaration

  • Students can take Math 4065 to get a taste of actuarial mathematics.
  • Students can take a professional exam after completing Math 4065 - SOA exam FM / CAS exam 1


  • Meet with your college advisor.  
  • Take essential courses in math, accounting, computer science, economics, insurance and statistics.
  • After completing two of the three sophomore level math courses (2243, 2263, 3283W) you can declare your actuarial specialization.
  • Once you declare your actuarial specialization, you will have an actuarial advisor in addition to your college advisor.

How to Connect With Us

Actuarial Science Specialization Declaration

Work with your college advisor to prepare for major declaration. The Actuarial Science specialization will be added to the mathematics major when you are decided and ready. 

Courses to complete (C- or above) before declaration/admission to Upper Division as a Math major:

Calculus I     1271/1371 
Calculus II    1272/1372
Diff Eq w/Lin Alg  2243/2373
Multivariable Calc  2263/2374

             Sample Plan 

We welcome you to connect with us prior to Upper Division Major declaration!

Actuarial Advisors:

Doreen Vescelius                

Aileen Lyle

MCFAM office:
112 Vincent Hall
Phone: (612) 626-8057

Actuary Club