3MT: Three Minute Thesis Competition

Watch as Department of Mechanical Engineering graduate students have exactly three minutes to explain their research in an engaging and easy to understand format. 

The evening will be an exciting display of the diversity of research in ME today, with topics ranging from energy and the environment to human health. ME's graduate students engage in pioneering, interdisciplinary research and will become the next leaders in mechanical engineering in both academia and industry.

The purpose of the competition is to celebrate the innovative research conducted by our graduate students and to cultivate their academic, presentation, and research communications skills.

This event will be in person and virtual. Join us via your preferred method!

Students: Want to participate in this year's 3MT? Apply here!

Want a taste of 3MT? Take a look at previous years' winners!

2020 3MT: The Virtual Year

First Place: Daniel Thomas — WATCH HERE

2nd Place: Jeff Bies — WATCH HERE

People's Choice: Adithan Kannan — WATCH HERE


2019 3MT: The Inaugural Year

Take a look at last the presentations that swept last year's competition.

First Place and People's Choice Winner: Nitish Ponskshe — WATCH HERE

Second place (tie): Aliza Abraham — WATCH HERE

Second place (tie): Kevin Eschen — WATCH HERE

2019 3MT winners
2019 3MT second place winners Kevin Eschen and Aliza Abraham
2019 Three Minute Thesis Competition
The 2019 ME 3MT Competition

Watch all 3MT presentations on the ME YouTube channel.


Start date
Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2021, 6 p.m.

Best Buy Theater, Northrop

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