Fall 2020 Virtual Senior Design Show

Support tomorrow's best engineers by attending the virtual Senior Design Show!

ME 4054W is the one semester capstone senior design course in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Minnesota. 15 teams of five mechanical engineering students have worked with an industry or university advisor on an engineering design project that started in September. The Senior Design Show is an opportunity for the students to show off what they have done and to have their work evaluated by practicing engineers and other professionals.

The fall 2020 Senior Design Show is being held on Flipgrid. Students submitted short videos describing their project. The 15 student projects and questions from judges appear on the landing page. Students are able to respond to questions in the "Answers to Questions" topic, which you can find under the "View 2 Topics" dropdown menu. 

To view the videos, visit Fall 2020 Senior Design Show and enter the password Fall2020. Thank you for participating in this semester's Senior Design Show!