Anthony (Tony) C. Runkel

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Anthony (Tony) C. Runkel

Lead Geologist & Phanerozoic Geologist, Minnesota Geological Survey


Minnesota Geological Survey
2609 West Territorial Road
St. Paul, MN 55114


Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences


  • PhD in Geology, 1988, University of Texas, Austin
  • M.S. in Geology, 1986, University of Montana
  • B.A. in Geology, 1983, University of Minnesota


Tony is Lead Geologist of the Minnesota Geological Survey, and adjunct professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, where he currently contributes to teaching Hydrogeology and occasionally serves on graduate student committees. His research targets the properties of bedrock in Minnesota that control groundwater flow, especially the transport of contaminants. Recent emphasis has been on fractured rock hydrogeology and the groundwater nitrate problem in southeastern Minnesota.

Selected Publications

Barry J.D., Miller, T.P., Steenberg, J.R., Runkel, A.C., Kuehner, K.J., and Alexander, E.C., 2020, Combining high resolution spring monitoring, dye tracing, watershed analysis, and outcrop and borehole observations to characterize the Galena Karst, Southeast Minnesota, USA. in: Land, L., Kromhout, C., and Byle M., editors, Proceedings of the Sixteenth Multidisciplinary Conference on Sinkholes and the Engineering and Environmental Impacts of Karst, April 20-24, San Juan, Puerto Rico: NCKRI Symposium 8. Carlsbad (NM): National Cave and Karst Research Institute, p. 3-17.

Paola, C., Ganti, V., Mohrig, D., Runkel, A.C., and Straub, K.M., 2018, Time not our time: Physical controls on the preservation and measurement of geologic time. Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences, 46, 409–438,

Runkel, A.C., Tipping, R.G., Meyer, J.R., Steenberg, J.R., Retzler, A.J., Parker, B.L., Green, J.A., Barry, J.D., Jones, P.M., 2018, A multidisciplinary-based conceptual model of a fractured sedimentary bedrock aquitard: improved prediction of aquitard integrity. Hydrogeology Journal, 26, p. 2133–2159,

Meyer, J.R., Parker, B.L., Arnaud, E., and Runkel, A.C., 2016, Combining high resolution vertical gradients and sequence stratigraphy to delineate hydrogeologic units for a contaminated sedimentary rock aquifer system: Journal of Hydrology, 534, p. 505-523.