National Nanotechnology Resources

The National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure Network (NNCI)

NNCI is a network of sixteen open nanotechnology laboratory user facilities, supported by the National Science Foundation. Each NNCI site offers user access to a particular set of nanotechnology resources. Please review the NNCI web site for more specific information and site contacts.

The Minnesota Nano Center participates in NNCI, in partnership with the Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering at North Dakota State University.  The UMN-NDSU consortium is known as the Midwest Nanotechnology Infrastructure Corridor (MINIC).

National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI)

The NNI is a U.S. Government research and development (R&D) initiative involving the nanotechnology-related activities of 20 departments and independent agencies. The United States set the pace for nanotechnology innovation worldwide with the advent of the NNI in 2000. The NNI today consists of the individual and cooperative nanotechnology-related activities of Federal agencies with a range of research and regulatory roles and responsibilities.

Nano-Link Center for Nanotechnology Education

Nano-Link is a regional center for advanced technical education, funded by the National Science Foundation. Nano-Link's mission is to

  • provide nano-savvy technicians to industry through two-year A.A.S. degree programs
  • mentor and support colleges with nano-based survey courses, diplomas, and certificate programs
  • provide modularized educational content for grades K-14 with experiment materials
  • present hands-on educator Workshops at no cost