MnRI Seminar: Mental Health and Well Being

Meredith Martyr from the UMN Office for Student Affairs will be covering guidance on:

  • Learn how to create a culture of awareness of ourselves and others in the mental health space? What are the words that we can use to foster a healthy environment where people feel safe, valued, and supported? Words (as we know) matter, even if it is just an "off the cuff comment."
  • Learn how to become advocates for mental health and champions of practices that will bring about awareness and compassion.
  • Learn about resources for students, staff, and faculty to be supportive for others OR to use themselves. Also, learn about how to receive the information that someone is in need of support or how to ask for it. What language is used on both ends?


Start date
Friday, March 26, 2021, 2:30 p.m.