MnRI Policies

MnRI has recently updated its policy regarding international student eligibility for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) based on consultations with ISSS and the Graduate School. Please view the updated policy below:

CPT Policy:

  • International students become eligible for any kind of CPT only after completing two semesters of full-time study, 
  • Students are limited to only one semester of full-time academic-year CPT.
  • The program does not approve co-op requests (i.e., registrations using EE 5041). Students can use the following two opportunities to pursue full-time CPT. 
  • Students can participate in full-time CPT using the following methods:
    1. Students are allowed to pursue full-time CPT during the summer and break times as outlined by ISSS, 
    2. Students are allowed to pursue full-time CPT during the school year if they have completed all of their coursework and only have thesis credits or capstone credits left, 
      • Students can participate in this by:
        • registering for 6 or more credits (in the case of thesis only),
        • filing for a reduced course load with ISSS. 

Please contact Travis Henderson at with questions. 

A Statement from the Minnesota Robotics Institute

We know that bias, harassment, and discrimination incidents are on the rise and impacting international students and Asian Americans. 

The Minnesota Robotics Institute stands in solidarity with every community member to stop the hate and condemn racism, xenophobia, and violence. We ask that everyone joins in spreading this message and actively working to fight for equality and justice for all people.

Please see below for ways to get involved and other helpful resources:

If you have any questions, concerns, or problems, please email us at