A student operating an apple-picking robot

Recipients named for 2020 Minnesota Robotics Institute Seed Grants

Over the last several months, a large number of research proposals were submitted by MnRI faculty in an effort to secure funding for the project. After over 100 individual reviews, a panel of 5 with no conflicts of interest chose 10 projects to receive funding under the program. Please join the Minnesota Robotics Institute in congratulating the recipients of this years crop of seed grants and recognizing all of the outstanding proposals that were submitted.

The recipients are listed below:

  • "Bio-Inspired Adhesion-Locomotion Hybrid in Mesoscale Robotic Systems," Tim Kowalewski, Andrew Grande, and Christopher Ellison
  • "Acoustic levitation and contactless manipulation of 3D-printed multifunctional metasurfaces," Ognjen Ilic and Michael McAlpine
  • "Development of Real-time 3D Social Signal Imaging System," Hyun Soo Park
  • "Robotic localization and conservation of rare aquatic species," Junaed Sattar and Mark Hove
  • "Roll-to-Roll, Self-Aligned Manufacture of Microelectronics and Sensors on Flexible Substrates," Lorraine F.  Francis, C. Daniel Frisbie, Chris Kim, Satish Kumar, and Lauren Linderman
  • "Conversational Agents and Interventions in Health Care," Maria Gini, Wilma Koutstaal, Michael Kotlyar, Martin Michalowski, Seguei Pakhomov, and Bradley Holschuh
  • "Integrating Innovative Proximal Sensing, UAV and Satellite Remote Sensing and Machine Learning to Transform Precision Nutrient Management," Yuxin Miao, David J. Mulla, Carl Rosen, Ce Yang, and Zhenong Jun
  • "Machine Learning Methods for Spatial Single-cell Genomics," Rui Kuang, Jeremy Chien, and Kathleen Greenham
  • "Web-Based Video Data Collection to Facilitate Development of Automated Quantification of Tics," Christine Conelea, Victoria Interrante, Suma Jacob, and Kelvin Lim
  • "3D Printing Active Materials," Michael McAlpine

You can view most of the faculty profiles on the MnRI People page.