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Read the MnRI Biennial Report

Summarizing the impact made by the Minnesota Robotics Institute so far, the Biennial Report highlights also other successes in the organization.

View the Biennial Report here

Spring 2021 MnRI Seed Grant recipients announced

The Minnesota Robotics Institute is pleased to announce that seven new research projects are being funded through the MnRI Seed Grant program in Spring 2021. MnRI received a handful of submissions from faculty across the University of Minnesota and selected the most exciting and promising proposals. 

Read about what projects received funding in the full MnRI news release.

MnRI addresses COVID-19

Personnel from the College of Science and Engineering and Minnesota Robotics Institute are working on projects involving disinfection research, sanitation, and automation.

View all news articles on the MnRI News page.

MnRI Spotlight: Derya Aksaray

Dr. Aksaray asks, “How do you achieve an efficient communication between human and robot?” and strives to find the answer.

Read about Derya Aksaray and her team's work in resilient autonomy, safe learning, and aerial robotics in the full MnRI Spotlight article.

Self aware bike

A Smart Bicycle that Looks Out for Itself

A smart bicycle has been developed which has sensors to automatically monitor the trajectories of nearby vehicles on the road and alert nearby motorists to the presence of the bicycle, in the event of danger of a collision. Read about the bike and the research behind it in the full Self-aware Bicycle article.

MnRI graduate student Ph.D. thesis selected as finalist for Dissertation Award

The Ph.D. thesis of Woongsun Jeon has been selected as one of the three finalists for the Best PhD Dissertation Award by the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society.  The ranking of the three finalists (as the first, second and third prize winners) will be announced during the Awards Ceremony on October 28th at the flagship 2019 IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference in Auckland, New Zealand. Woongsun's thesis was titled "Active Sensing and Estimation for Nonlinear Systems with Applications to Car-Bicycle Collision Prevention" and was advised by Prof. Rajamani. Read more about the award on the IEEE website.

Advanced Aquatic Robotics

Junaed Sattar, founding director of the University of Minnesota’s Interactive Robotics and Vision Lab, shares how his team is contributing to underwater robotics research and efforts to safeguard our environment. Watch the Research Spotlight by clicking the video to the right or by visiting the College of Science and Engineering Youtube page.

Expanding drone capabilities

Dr. Ce Yang and her team show off their drone capabilities on their YouTube channel, along with some more research. Visit Ce Yang's Youtube channel for all of their videos!

Straight from the Medical Robotics and Devices Lab (MRD)

Check out the MRD Youtube channel for research success from across the MRD world and Minnesota Robotics Institute collaborators, such as Dr. Tim Kowalewski and his team's work in medical robotics. You can watch a video about printing on a human hand to the right!

Artificial intelligence, robotics, and sensing research

Read all about the Minnesota Robotics Institute's Director Nikos Papanikolopoulos' team and the research he is guiding in a 2017 feature by the Minnesota Daily. Read the full article on the Minnesota Daily website or find out more about Dr. Papanikolopoulos' research on his website.

Artificial intelligence and developmental robotics

"I want to develop technology that could be used to improve the lives of people..." — Dr. Maria Gini, as her and her team focus on what is important and their work in artificial intelligence. Learn more in this Research Spotlight video.