Tathamay Basu

Tathamay Basu

Tathamay Basu

Postdoctoral Associate, School of Physics and Astronomy


Physics And Nanotechnology Building
Room 246
115 Union St. Se
Minneapolis, MN 55455


Center for Quantum Materials (CQM)
Materials Research Science and Engineering Centers (MRSEC)

Ph.D., Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, 2015

Research Interests

Strongly correlated electron systems, Geometrically Frustrated 3d and 4d transition-metals oxides, Spin-chain magnetic material, Layered oxides, Hybrid Metal-organic networks, Magnetism, Multiferroicity and magnetoelectric (ME) coupling.

Selected Publications

T. Basu*, F.Y. Wei, Q. Zhang, Y. Fang, X Ke. Complex magnetic structure in Ba5Ru3O12 with isolated Ru3O12-trimerComplex magnetic structure in Ba5Ru3O12 with isolated Ru3O12-trimer. arXiv:2007.03854

T. Basu*, V. Caignaert, F. Damay, T.W. Heitmann, B. Raveau, X. Ke. Cooperative Ru(4d)-Ho(4f) magnetic orderings and phase coexistence in the 6H-perovskite Ba3HoRu2O9. Phys. Rev. B. Rapid Communications, 102, 020409 (2020)

T. Basu*, V. Caignaert, S. Ghara, X. Ke, A. Pautrat, S. Krohns, A. Loidl and B. Raveau. Enhancement of magnetodielectric coupling in 6H-perovskites Ba3RRu2O9 for heavier rare-earth cations (R=Ho,Tb). Phys. Rev. Materials 3, 114401 (2019)

M. Smidman, C. Ritter, D. T. Adroja, S. Rayaprol, T. Basu, E. V. Sampathkumaran, and A. D. Hillier. Magnetic order in Nd2PdSi3 investigated using neutron scattering and muon spin relaxation. Phys. Rev. B 100, 134423 (2019) (Editor’s suggestion)

T. Basu*, C. Bloyet, F. Beaubras, O. Perez, V. Caignaert, J-M. Rueff, A. Pautrat, B. Raveau, J-F. Lohier, P-A. Jaffres, H. Couthon, G. Rogez, G. Taupier and H. Dorkenoo. Designing of a magnetoelectric system in hybrid organic-inorganic framework, a perovskite layered phosphonate MnO3PC6H4-m-Br.H2O. Adv. Func. Mater., 29, 1901878 (2019)

T. Basu*, A. Pautrat, V. Hardy, A. Loidl, S. Krohns. Magnetodielectric coupling in a Ru-based 6H-perovskite, Ba3NdRu2O9. Appl. Phys. Lett. 113, 042902 (2018)

T. Basu*, C. Bloyet, J-M. Rueff, V. Caignaert, A. Pautrat, B. Raveau, P-A. Jaffres and G. Rogez. Incipient spin-dipole coupling in a 1D helical-chain metal-organic hybrid. J. Mater. Chem. C (Communication), 6, 10207, (2018)

T. Basu*, D. T. Adroja, F. Kolb, H.-A. Krug von Nidda, A. Ruff, M. Hemmida, A. D. Hillier, M. Telling, E. V. Sampathkumaran, A. Loidl, and S. Krohns. Complex nature of magnetic field induced ferroelectricity in GdCrTiO5. Phys. Rev. B 96, 184431 (2017)

T. Basu*, A. Jesche, B. Bredenkötter, M. Grzywa, D. Denysenko, D. Volkmer, A. Loidl and S. Krohns. Magnetodielectric coupling in a non-perovskite metal-organic framework. Mater. Horiz. (Communication) 4, 1178 (2017)

T. Basu*, K. K Iyer, P.L. Paulose and E.V. Sampathkumaran. Dielectric anomalies and magnetodielectric coupling behavior of single crystalline Ca3Co2O6, a geometrically frustrated magnetic spin-chain system. J. Alloys Compd. 675, 364 (2016)

T. Basu, V. V. R Kishore, S. Gohil, B. Gonde, N. Mohapotra, K. Singh, P. Mahadevan, S. Ghosh and E.V. Sampathkumaran. Displacive-type ferroelectricity from magnetic correlations within spin-chain. Sci. Rep. 4, 5636 (2014)

T. Basu, P. L. Paulose, K. K. Iyer, K. Singh, N. Mohapatra, S. Chowki, B. Gonde and E. V. Sampathkumaran. A reentrant phenomenon in magnetic and dielectric properties of Dy2BaNiO5 and an intriguing influence of external magnetic field. J. Phys.: Condens. Matter (Fast Track Communication) 26,172202 (2014)

T. Basu, K.K.Iyer, K. Singh and E. V. Sampathkumaran. Novel dielectric anomalies due to spin-chains above and below Néel temperature in Ca3Co2O6. Sci. Rep. 3, 3104 (2013)

K. Singh, T. Basu, S. Chowki, N. Mahapotra, K. Iyer, P. L. Paulose and E. V. Sampathkumaran. Multiferroicity and magnetoelectric coupling in Haldane spin chain system, Dy2BaNiO5. Phys. Rev. B 88, 094438 (2013)

K.Mukherjee, T. Basu, K. K. Iyer and E. V. Sampathkumaran. Nd 4f hybridization effect on the magnetism of Nd2PdSi3. Phys. Rev. B 84, 184415 (2011).

Preferred Pronouns: He/Him/His