Mu2e researchers assembling the experiment

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Isabelle Van Hattan, young woman wearing a lab coat, mask and shower cap standing next to a detector module

Mu2e an (almost) impossible experiment

Physicists at the University of Minnesota are building an experiment that they readily admit is almost impossible.
Shaul Hanany

New Careers Program brings new opportunities for students

Professor Shaul Hanany has led a new effort to address the large gap in career opportunities in academia and the number of physics and astronomy graduates in the U.S.
Zhen Liu, a man with dark hair and glasses wearing a green button down shirt and blue sweater.

Zhen Liu: Hidden Sector Physics

Zhen Liu is a new theoretical high energy physicist at the School. His research focuses on “hidden sector physics” an area of theoretical physics aimed at answering fundamental questions in particle
Students playing Cards Against Humanity at a game night

Local SPS group named Outstanding Chapter; launches new website

The local chapter of the Society of Physics Students has been named an Outstanding Chapter by the national organization.