If you are interested in taking an assessment, make an initial appointment with a CSE career counselor. During this meeting, you will discuss with the counselor your interest in assessments and discover which assessment might best fit your needs. After this meeting, you will complete the assessment and then discuss your results with a counselor during a second meeting.

Strong Interest Inventory

This assessment identifies your interests and offers insight into how your interests may fit with certain work environments and occupations. The Strong Interest Inventory provides information on your top five interest areas, and then matches how well your interests align with people in occupations who report being satisfied in their careers.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

This assessment identifies your personality preferences and offers insight into how you interact with others. Rather than providing specific information, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator presents a wide, “big-picture” perspective of your personality.


This assessment identifies your top five strengths. Knowing your strengths may be helpful as a tool to gain insight into who you are, what you are naturally good at, and how this relates to career options. StrengthsQuest offers information that is unique to you. In fact, there are 33 million possible combinations of top five strengths from the assessment.