Sixteen distinguished scholars have served as dean of the college since its beginning in 1935.

Samuel Lind Samuel Lind
Dean, 1935-47
Thomas Teeter Thomas Teeter
Interim dean, 1947-49
Athelstan Spilhaus Athelstan Spilhaus
Dean, 1949-67
Frank Verbrugge Frank Verbrugge
Interim dean, 1967-68
Warren Cheston Warren Cheston
Dean, 1968-71
Richard Swalin Richard Swalin
Dean, 1971-77
Walter Johnson Walter Johnson
Interim dean, 1977-79
Roger Staehle Roger Staehle
Dean, 1979-83
V. Rama Murthy V. Rama Murthy
Interim dean, 1983-84
Ettore Infante Ettore Infante
Dean, 1984-91
Gordon Beavers Gordon Beavers
Interim dean, 1991-93
Francis Kulacki Francis Kulacki
Dean, 1993-95
Willard Miller Willard Miller
Interim dean, 1995
H. Ted Davis H. Ted Davis
Dean, 1995-2005
Steven L. Crouch Steven L. Crouch
Dean, 2005–16
Sam Mukasa Samuel B. Mukasa
Dean, 2016–present