Your support is crucial to our college’s vision for creating a better future for us all by expanding research that addresses global issues and create new industries and jobs, and educating greater numbers of top scientists and engineers to drive innovation and create the workforce of the future.

Our four priority areas:

Student Support

Our students are the economic engine of the future. Scholarship gifts are the single most effective way to help the College of Science and Engineering recruit and prepare future generations of problem solvers who will transform society through innovations in human health, energy, and the environment.

Faculty Support

College of Science and Engineering faculty are leading and collaborating in discoveries with real-world impact. Gifts to endow chairs and professorships are critical in competing for and retaining the best faculty, which enables us to produce exceptional graduates.

Facility Support

Buildings and facilities have a profound impact on the quality of education delivered. Gifts for state-of-the-art facilities will give our students and faculty the tools they need to move the world with their innovations.


Gifts to position the college for the future will enable us to quickly and strategically take advantage of opportunities for bold new college initiatives with real-world impact.