Join our award-winning College of Science and Engineering (CSE) Alumni Society!

Members have an opportunity to network with other alumni and enjoy discounts and other perks.

The CSE Alumni Society has 7,000 members worldwide and is one of the largest University of Minnesota alumni societies. In 2009, we were named “Alumni Society of the Year” by the University of Minnesota in recognition of the impact and reach of our alumni programs.

Membership to the CSE Alumni Society is free when you join the University Alumni Association. Be sure to indicate that you graduated from the College of Science and Engineering. New graduates get a free one-year membership in the University Alumni Association.

The college welcomes the participation of alumni in programs whether or not they are members of the Alumni Society. Consider, though, the many ways your dues support the college and the many benefits of membership.

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Our activities

The CSE Alumni Society helps organize and fund programs that:

  • Engage alumni with the college
  • Strengthen industry partnerships
  • Mentor students
  • Honor faculty, alumni, and researchers
  • Support K-12 outreach
  • Advocate for the college and University

Why join?

Joining the CSE Alumni Society is very rewarding:

  • Discover meaningful ways to give back to your college and help the next generation.
  • Network with other alumni.
  • Connect with events in the college and University.
  • Enjoy dozens of personal benefits including discounts on cultural activities and online access to two University of Minnesota Libraries databases.

CSE Alumni Society Board

Are you interested in a stronger connection with the college? If so, consider joining the CSE Alumni Society Board!

The Board serves in an advisory capacity to the Dean of the College in matters concerning CSE alumni and also assists in the promotion of activities and programs to foster an ongoing affiliation between alumni and the college.